Saturday, April 7, 2012

Late Night Shiver

I was the Deus Ex Machina in the final scene
of “As You Like It’ By Shakespeare,
in college. I was wheeled out on stage in a cart…
a nod to the way many early plays were presented
to the public before theatres…but there was also the
notion of “heavenly machinery’ embedded in the
culture of the time…in alchemy.. the hermeticists…
that the Deus Ex Machina represented…..also there
were indications that celestial visitors were
known under a variety of guises throughout history
throughout the world that the Elizabethans
were supremely aware of.

Now I sit in my comfortable, secluded casita in
Tepoztlan having watched a video by a doctor…
Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Helen Caldicot,
laying bare the disaster of Fukushima and that
there is a distinct possibility that, if there is
complete collapse of containment, that life will
end on earth for now. Well, that’s what I got out of it.

I’m listening to a radio show I was on called “Late
Night Musings.” I feel like I’m in the movie: ”On
The Beach.” That movie takes place in Australia,
about the last people living during a nuclear Holocaust.
Dr. Caldicot is from Ausralia…which is where she
says she’s going if containment at Fukushima collapses.
She’s in Boston now.

So, what about the Deus Ex Machina? Is there a brighter
race of intelligent beings that have been “out there” all
along…..guiding us? engineering us? And what about now?
Now that we’re on the verge of self destruction: how can they
let us waste a perfectly good planet? There must be a Cosmic
Orkin Factor that we can’t see the magnitude of….
….or, they’re waiting to tell us the big joke AGAIN, and
that’s why we got the Marx Brothers in the first place….
that humor is the real benefit of evolution…of intelligence….
where intuition meets reality. ….like when the detective puts
the clues together…only…it’s fumy, which dissolves the
whole thing.


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