Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Even my sadness perhaps has changed..."

“Even my sadness, perhaps, has changed…” *
dissolved in the crucible of practice**, or, I’m
kidding myself and it’s really dissolved in
alcohol and toxins gleaned from the plumbing
trade…the drain bamage…. and, believe me,
a Black Hole is nothing more than the Universe
going down the Drain…know what I’m saying?

So NO….I’m not sad no more in the usual way…
…the way I was in the usual way, gain and loss
the gauge I saw…only. I’m sad you all are not
here with me on this point on the journey…the
journey we all are on and realize eventually…
the journey to move….MOVE….past the self
to see bigger movement we’re all part of,
but no need to take it personally…”as if I were
not my own, forgotten, even by me.”

Meaning, what, exactly?

"Oh, Nicky, You’re such a tool!" ***

* Quotations are two lines of a poem by Savadore
Quasimodo, Sicilian poet,
winner of the Nobel Prize for poetry.

** “Practice” In my case, meditation practice,
meditation in action practice…
but it could be yoga, tai chi, Karate, Sufi dancing…
i.e., any training that causes the inhabi-tint to awaken
from the delusion of ego...."reification", if you like,
any notion that there is anything really existing
anywhere anytime it mate?

*** Firesign Theatre..."Nick Danger, Private Eye"


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