Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Words do a thing to me
dance, ping-pong off each
other in my head.

Power of word
Power of mantra
Power of art…

“See no future, pay no rent,
all the money’s gone,
no where to go,” Beatles


(3 stanzas of a poem written
an understanding of where
I"m going...new phase...
drunk and stoned as fire
It all becomes clearer
the clearer it becomes....
but don't take my words for it...
I'm a moron....
(more on that later)....
and so it goes.....
Kurt Vonnegut's favorite phrase)

Oh yes, whatever…I’ve been there
STRONG before by now.
So words continue, you see, like the sea,
do they mean anything…does the water
mean anything as it burbles down the stream?

Words mean anything
you just have to put them
together right like a spaghetti
dinner, a pound of flesh,
a proclamation of freedom.


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