Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Official: The U.S.A. is a Fascist State

On March 3, the day before my birthday, the
Defense Authorization Act takes effect, meaning
that after that date, the United States Government
is authorized to detain American Citizens indefinitely,
for no reason, without trial. At that time, the transition
from Democracy to Fascist State will be complete.
What an irony that the first black President would be
the person to eliminate the freedoms of all American
citizens. What the world must think of the U.S.A..
As for me, I never intend to go back there. The biggest
problem with this Fascist State, is that it is not a
dictatorship of a few: the whole society is corrupt
from the top down….from the corporate shills that rob
the country, to the stupid, obese, brainwashed masses
that allow them to do so. As Richard Dreyfuss said
decades ago: “The reason why there are no
revolutionaries in the U.S.A., is that they would be like
spoil sports at an orgy.” Well, the party’s over, the jig is up,
and it’s possible that all hell might break loose very soon.*


This article appeared  May 6, 2012


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