Monday, December 19, 2011


Winter continues unabatedly beautiful weather-wise
in Mexico. The murders have slowed down for the holiday
season. The market abounds with toys from China. The
indigenous don't have much out on display so far in the
Zocalo, the center of town. Two blocks of the main drag,
Calle Cinco de Mayo, are torn up by large machines to put
big pipes in them. As a former plumber, I observe what they're
doing, and I'm left with a surrealistic impression....the pipes
are necessary as an image is necessary in a dream. Their work
does not follow formal logic or utilitarianism, from a
gringo plumbers p.o.v.. I was walking to my friend's house yesterday
for dinner, about a mile and a half away, down a main street that
leads to Amatlan, a bedroom-of-this-bedroom-community,
Tepoztlan. As I was walking I saw, and smelled my life's-blood,
sewage, a river flowing from some residence or posada, for at least
a half a mile, in the direction I was walking. It eventually found it's
way into a gully and hence to a riverbed. So, yes, surreal
infrastructure...what more could a plumber-poet ask for?

Holidays and New Year...and what a new year! 2012, when, for once,
all the flakey prophets might be right. I've had too many personal visions
and waking dreams in my life to ignore the larger signs....which are, actually,
prophesies from all major religions coming true when they said they, now. 2500 years of prophesy from Buddha....look it up.
You want to go on reading Harpers, the Atlantic, NYTImes, ect. and
roil in the culmination of intellectual prosperity inherited from the
"Awakening", Renaissance, Whatnot, go ahead. Rational
Mind, like the dinosaur has had it's time of dominance. What did it
accomplish? The imminent destruction of the world....hey, so long,
and thanks for all the thesi!

Occam's razor...the simplest explanation is usually the closest
to the truth. The Jacarandas will bloom in January, trees full of lavender
blossom. My survival paradigm will work as long as the current world paradigm
continues. That's why I drink everyday. Why look for a future when
you can't see one? Yes, a slightly negatory
p.o.v., however, it's just one's just one world.


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