Monday, January 12, 2009

Hymn of the Pearl

"In the Hymn of the Pearl a young prince is sent by his father in the east (East, in antiquity, was seen as symbolic of light and life) to Egypt in the west (West was seen as symbolic of death) in which lies a great pearl guarded by the dragon. The prince puts on the clothes of the Egyptians, so as not to be recognized as a foreigner. However, the dragon learns of the prince and gets the prince to eat the heavy food of the Egyptians. After eating the Egyptian food the prince falls asleep and forgets who he is. He believes himself to be an Egyptian, when in fact he is really a prince from the East."      Wikipedia

Gesars warriors forgot that they were born
to defeat the Lords of the Setting Sun.
In the new age they will awaken.
Jesus was a Shambhala warrior...
...he just didn't have the support staff.
Circe and the lotus eaters, turning Odysseus's
men into pigs.
I just hope life isn't canceled 
due to lack of interest.


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