Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Moonlight Drive

We took a moonlight drive
down by the oceanside
parked and watched the tide.

A night between days, starry
sky full of wonder, seafood
salty ocean smell, silence of
vastness, wave song washing

We had a past, but it's over now,
the future a cloudy looking glass,
only this mirror here as we eat our
burgers with the top down...this
romantic friendly vision of a world.

A couple of other cars, lonely as 
de Chirico or Hopper, who knows
what universes go on in there?

Carnival music on the radio, a
shooting star...we walk on the sand
but don't stray too far...whispering
about ourselves to each other, and
all the people that have drowned...
we know some of them, still around.


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