Sunday, April 9, 2017

Leavin' USA

(To Beach Boys "Surfin' USA")

If everybody had a notion
across the USA
then everybody'd be leavin'
like Cali-for-ni-a
They'd all be pakin' their baggies
all their money too
pushy pushy bad karma
leavin' USA

You'd catch them runnin'
for a county mile
Santa Cruz and Oakdale
Chicago's lakeshore drive...
all over Manhattan
and Tallahassee way
everybody be leavin'
leavin' USA.

We'll all be plannin' out routes
we're gonna take real soon
we're burnin' all our bridges
we can't wait for June
we'll all be gone for forever
we're on hiatus to stay
tell the people we're leavin'
leavin' USA


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