Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Last Waltz

Forget about whether Trump is successful...
forget about the neo-cons defeating him...
forget about radical Muslims taking 
over the world...forget about the third
World War... forget about pollution,
over population, dwindling resources...

only forget about nuclear war, because it
would be redundant to what's already

There are 450 nuclear plants worldwide,
60 are under construction.

Japan has 43. One of them has melted.
This melting of three reactors has destroyed
the pacific far.

Multiply that by 450 and what do you imagine?

"Oh, that won't happen.....humans won't allow
it." Yet, Fukushima happened.

Seven billion people, and yet, the birth rate 
is declining in most industrial countries. As the
quality of life declines, this trends continues. What 
happens if there aren't enough people to maintain 
these nuclear facilities? In the case of any large 
scale war, the possibility exists. In the case of 
nuclear war the probability is exacerbated. 

This is not crying wolf. Oppenheimer was correct
in equating the release of nuclear power to Kali, the
destroyer. Humanity is doomed on this planet in the
next few generations. No wonder NASA is looking
for habitable think they don't know?
And, do you imagine they would reveal what they
know and their plans to the mass of marching 

There's too much circumstantial evidence....
just as there was too much circumstantial evidence
to believe that Oswald was a lone assassin....too
much  circumstantial evidence to believe the
commission's lies about the World Trade Center...
and the list of lies goes on. 

What did one NASA official say publicly? "If you
knew  what we do, you'll never sleep again."

The clues to the truth are out there.

If time was linear, you could call this
doomsmanship. Since time is cyclical, you
could just consider this  another heads up....
don't be surprised, even though surprising
things are happening and that will intensify
in the near future.

Wake up while you have a human mind
and can  understand words. If you know
what's coming, it will, at least, be less of a
shock when it happens.  Ignorance is bliss
only until the light shines.


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