Friday, March 10, 2017

Dr Pinecraft

Dr, Pinecraft in his BMW riding in the
early evening, down slinky mountain
road, clouds and flashes of lightning
getting more frequent, no guardrail...

...his thoughts convoluted...he felt like
he was getting away with something,
and it felt good... down, half a quart of Southern
Comfort his passenger, but, oh, do
the Tuscan leather seats feel good
after that massage...and his foot slips
and hits the gas and his car goes 
quietly sailing into the mountain valley 
air...a bat made out of hell.

He woke up a spring day in April, scent
of flowers and birdsong...Gibraltar,  
He'd been taking some time off....
"from what?" 
He wondered. He remembered seeing a
billboard in India with the Dalai Lama on 
it, holding a Coca Cola, captioned:
"The Dalai Lama Takes A Break". 
"from what?"
He always was curious what the Dalai 
Lama  did, as leader of his people....
maybe he just needed to take a break 
and sit down, stop leading for a while.
He knew the feeling...he'd been leading
the "Lost Boys" for so long they had to
change their they all had 

...But he was getting distracted...he had 
focus...pull up his up...put
his moisture missile in it's holster and put
on a new set of spurs.... to speak.

He didn't like the birds so well...terns...he
knew they were gulls, but he liked to think 
of them as terns because he didn't like gulls.

The birds weren't that was 
more when he went went for a walk among
the cafes, the women at tables with friends
or alone, the way they presented them-
selves, their colors and perfumes, highly 
cultivated gestures and body language that
would make men sway like cobras to a flute.
At least, he recognized that he was alive.
His targets felt alive because most of them
realized they were probably going to die soon.
He liked to give them  notice because their 
behavior then became erratic and created 

But that was just his job. He spent a lot of 
time fishing...his last expedition off  California, 
he didn't catch anything. Gibraltar was near
enough to everything, every place he needed
to go. He had a pet monkey. He liked to knit.


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