Thursday, June 23, 2016

Funny Story

I met this guy, Jerry, a client of B.'s, that he wanted 
me to give meditation instruction to. I met Jerry once, 
then a few days later, yesterday, in fact, when we 
had dinner with B. and some other people, and then 
I was going with him to B.'s to give him instruction. 
Both the first time I met Jerry and yesterday, we 
just started laughing about everything...just made 
that strange connection. After dinner, some people 
were getting ice cream, and Jerry and I were on the 
sidewalk, talking and joking. I said:

"You know, I met one other person in my life that 
this kind of thing happened with, that every time I 
saw her, our whole conversation was 
was at the Newberry Library when I was in college. 
We had to leave the library many times because we 
were making too much noise. The woman was a 
Midwesterner. red headed, not beautiful but very 
attractive. Of course I wanted to have sex with her, 
but she was a Christian, saving herself for her 
husband, so it was a bit of a dilemma. Somehow, 
she was at my apartment, and I got her to lay on 
a table. I'm not sure how having her on the table 
was going to facilitate what I was after,
but, there she was."

"What happened then?"

"She stopped laughing."


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