Sunday, May 15, 2016

Discriminating Americans

The dopes on U Tube,
the ones that don't agree with me,
are entitled to their
serentepidous stupidity.

I can tell, in a minute or less,
as the dialogues progress,
who is copacetic with me.

For example, in a debate 
between a serious pontificanter
and any comedian, the comedian
always wins; his victory 
not taking reality seriously.

The ones that fuss and fume 
and spout should all get out
more often.

Their earnestness is not to earn
respect, rather, looking for
justifications for misery,
preferring victimology,
apathetic identity.

Empower yerselves, 

Get two serioso-and-sos
on the same screen and
watch their idiotsyncracy
escalate to the nth degree.

I wish I could write about
birdies and flowers, but 
until the pathetic clowns
of punditry vanish into the
palookasphere, I feel I
have to smash their macho

...rewarded by serene
sensuous sirens
of silence.


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