Saturday, December 19, 2015

XTreem Reality Television

Thomas, "Kip", Bosnia, lead singer for
the Old Factory Nerds, was tired of 
making money. After the third album went
platinum, he started to get itchy for 
something new. He knew how to play the 
crowd to distraction, or, to direct it to buy
products, which made him a darling of 
industry. His concert films were
popular, but the real money came from the 
quick shot of the bottle of Pepsi, or, the 
moment the band exited from their 
Cadillac Escalade. He wanted to fund 
something interesting, and the only idea 
that seemed to challenge his imagination
also seemed impossible: he wanted to
promote jihad as a mass movement. He
realized the meme of the pimply, over
stimulated, overly testosteroned teenager
was his market. But, how could he channel
that into something that was, at the same time,
attractive and also lethal? He knew the 
popularity  of movie franchises like "Saw",
"Machete" and others was a big clue...but his
challenge was to bring the meme to life in
the real world; on the ground as it were.

It hit him like a ton of bricks while he was 
taking a shit high on "X": Reality Television.
This would be the first "Black Ops" reality 
television show. Auditions would take place
as follows: one to three people would have 
to murder, in public, at least three, up to an
unlimited number of people...and to pass the
audition, they would have to get away with it. 
They could claim to be from a variety of
disgruntled groups: ISIS, Fudamentalist 
Christians, Survivalists, Racists (any color
against any other), Pastafarians, Inquisionists,
to give a representative sample. Once they were
successful, they were in the talent portion of
the competition.

In order to pull this off, Kip had to make his 
band disappear from view, while still producing
songs that would incite potential players to the
venue. He decided they would be "kidnapped"
by an "unknown" group. and thence be forced to 
write and perform songs that would foment this
media revolution.  Subscriptions to the event
would take place via the "dark net". The cost 
of a subscription would vary based on the 
number of subscriptions, but, he assumed the
cost to the consumer would be quite steep at 
first; public corporations would be wary of
advertising, at first, due to the idea's extreem
nature. But, Kip was sure, once the idea 
enthralled the general public, corporations 
would be fighting each other to get a piece of
the action. 

The talent portion would be a pyramid. Targets
would be publicized broadly. Three teams at a 
time would be tasked to take out a target. The 
ones (if any) that succeeded in eliminating their
target would move on to the next level. If a team
failed, but was not captured or killed, their 
executions  would be on U Tube the next day. 
If a team free lanced from, say the secret 
service, and was successful, they would 
automatically advance to the finals.

That was enough of a plan for Kip to come up
with in one day. He needed his beauty sleep.


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