Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Short Story

I was working at Pheasant Run Playhouse, west of Chicago on North
Avenue....between freshman and sophomore years at Carleton. It
was a mob place, so, that's why I figured we got jobs, my brother and I. 
Oddly, the highest decorated Illinois veteran of WW2 also worked
there.  I was sweeping up by the pool, and the Beatles Hello Goodbye
was on the lounge chairs there were Farrah Fawcette and
Lee Majors.  I paused...stunned. They saw me looking at them. they
were smiling...I feebly raised my hand and waved, and they waved
back, grinning smilingly....that was nice.

No...they saw that I recognized them while my back was turned 
towards, it was a double take....
that's why they were smiling when I turned around....


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